Mindset Growth Tips For Success as a New Entrepreneur

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Everything you want to accomplish will either happen or not happen based on your mindset.

Ever heard that saying “you can be your own worst enemy” well it should be “your mindset can be your own worst enemy.”

If you want to smash your goals, then you need to strengthen your mindset. This is a key part of not just setting your goals but taking action and meeting them.

The bigger the goal the more you need to focus on your mindset.

This is particularly true if you’re a new entrepreneur.

And is often the most overlooked aspect by new entrepreneurs.

As a new business owner, you’re focused on setting up your business, marketing and getting your first few customers.

Most newbies will only start thinking about mindset when what they’re doing isn’t working and they start hearing other successful entrepreneurs talking about mindset.

Change Your Mindset

Changing your mindset and strengthening your mindset is not something you do once and done.

It takes daily actions to embed the change and make it stick. It’s about adding layers to your mind, to remove the negative thoughts and increase the positive.

You’ll always have to battle some negative self-talk in your mind, but the more positive things you dump in your brain the more you’ll be able to resist this damaging self-talk you’ve got going on.

So what exactly can you do in order to create mindset growth?

5 Tips for a Positive Mindset Growth

Mindset Growth Tips #1: Read a Chapter of a Success Book Daily

You should aim to be doing a minimum of 30 minutes reading a day.

What should you be reading?

Well, something positive. Remember it’s all about building up positive information in your brain.

Read books on success such as Jack Canfield’s The Success Principles or books on people you admire who have achieved the success you want.

Mindset Growth Tips #2: Listen to Motivational Content Daily

Take a few minutes in your day to listen or watch something motivational. This could be a Ted Talk, a motivational program or an audiobook.

I recommend signing up for Darren Daily. You’ll receive a motivational/success video or audio every day. It’ll usually take under 8mins to consume and there you go, your daily dose of motivation and success tactic delivered.

Mindset Growth Tips #3: Surround Yourself with positive people

You are who you hang out with, so choose your friends wisely. You may have heard that you are the average of the 5 people you, hang out with, the most. So, it makes sense to choose those people carefully.

You don’t want to be the average of a group of people who complain all the time, make excuses and take zero action on their dreams. You want to be the average of a group of people who smash their goals, find solutions and not excuses, take action on every one of their goals and are quick to pick themselves back up when they fail.

When you, hang out, with those people you’ll learn how important mindset is to achieving all those big goals. You’ll learn their tactics and develop the language that comes from having a strong mindset.

Mindset Growth Tips #4: Show Gratitude Every Day

Gratitude is essential for your happiness, relationships, health, self-esteem and mental strength. It’s been scientifically proven. So how can such a simple thing impact so many areas of your life?

Being grateful is not easy at first.

If you’ve never had to sit down to write out what you are grateful for, it can be really had to come up with 5 things every single day.

It forces you to look at everything in your life and appreciate the smallest of things that have had an impact on your day.

Notice I didn’t say positive impact, that’s because the best place to be in, is when you can take the negative things and be grateful for them too. This is a major shift in mindset, that can give you the edge to reach huge out the park goals.

Want an easy way to start being grateful every day, then download my Productivity, Goal-setting & Mindset bundle, that includes a Gratitude Journal.

Mindset Growth Tips #5: Monitor Your Negative Self Talk

We all do this. Negative self-talk is the silent killer of dreams and hopes every day.

If anyone else was to say the things we say to ourselves in our mind we’d bitch slap them (for real).

So, I’m gonna suggest you mentally bitch slap yourself, in a loving way of course.

Tell your crazy negative talker that you appreciate their opinion but you got this. Every tip before this one will help you to silence this voice, but you need to watch it carefully.

Coaches tip: For the next 7 days, every-time you say something negative about yourself write it down. At the end of the week look at what you’ve written down, is any of it true. I guarantee that it’s not. I want you to self-correct with the truth and burn your negative self-talk notes to ashes.

Quick Recap

Achieving success in your life means conquering your mind. You must make developing a stronger mindset a focus, especially if you’re a new entrepreneur.

Include these mindset growth tips in your day-to-day activities.

Mastering your mindset is a never-ending process. When you start out in business getting over your initial fears to getting over mindset blocks so you can hit 6 figures, then 7 figures.

Every successful entrepreneur knows they can figure out everything in their business but to achieve the true success they have to work on their mindset.

The five tactics to implement in your day to day life starting now are;

1 – Reading books on success and about those who have achieved success

2 – Listen to Motivational content

3 – Surround yourself with positive successful people

4 – Be grateful every day for what you have now

5 – Monitor your self-talk and inner critic

Now, Go be flawless.

And remember to download your productivity, goal-setting & mindset bundle now!

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