How to Crush Your Goals to Supercharge Your Business & Life in 5 Steps

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Do you have big plans for the year ahead?

Do you want to crush your goals you set for yourself?

Do you constantly set big goals for yourself, only to give up halfway through? If that’s you, you’re in the right place.

You see, I used to be a massive believer in setting big audacious goals that set your soul on fire. I’d create them, make a plan, only to get to the end of the year with little or no progress made.

Something had to change.

Don’t get me wrong, I still believe the goals you set should set your soul on fire.

But do they all really need to be that big? I don’t think so!

If you’ve got into the habit of setting big goals but never reaching them, not even close, then you need to take a step back.

Big goals are scary. So if you’ve not been meeting your small goals your mind will hold you back from even considering meeting the big goals you set for yourself.

Consistently working towards your goals and meeting them is a habit you have to get into. It’s like training a muscle to perform a particular action every day to get the result you want at the end of the year.

Everyone can crush their goals to create the business and life they want.

To become a #goaldigger who crushes every goal you set, you’ll have to master certain skills and develop certain habits.


By knowing and learning the skills and habits then implementing them every single day. Until they become second nature to you and the way you live your life.

Master Crushing Your Goals

Once you master the skills of goal setting you can crush any goal and reach any dream you have. Big or small you’ll crush it.

So, let’s get you there.

To truly crush the goals, you’ve set for yourself you must first understand the stages of setting and meeting goals. There are 5 stages, and once you’ve mastered the skills of each stage you’ll be able to set and crush goal after goal.

5 Stages of Crushing Your Goals

Crush Your Goals Stage #1: Set Goals That Matter to You

The first fundamental step to meeting your goals is to set goals that matter to you. This is where so many people go wrong. They just set the wrong goals, right from the start.

They set goals they think they should set, not ones they want and need to set for themselves. If the goal is a should, it has no place on your list.

The best way to find out if a goal is a should or a need/want, is to understand your why for each goal. If your why is connected to everyone else but you, it’s a should.

Your goal should be about your happiness and growth, it should be about meeting your desires and wants.

Not your Mum’s, Your Dad’s, Uncle, aunt, cousin, brother, sister, or that Instagram Influencer you’ve been following. It needs to be all about you and you.

Connect your goals to your why and the things that matter most to you in your life and you will be off to a flying start in achieving your goals.

Why? Because you will be instantly more motivated to do what is necessary to achieve the goal you have set.

Also, ensure you have a mixture of big goals and small goals.

Coaching tip: I like to write my goals down and look over them every day for a week before I finalise them. That way if something feels off, I cross it off my list at the start, rather than start working towards the goal only to find It’s not what I wanted at all.

Crush Your Goals Stage #2: Focus on Fewer Goals

Don’t try to accomplish 10 big goals a year.

Choose 1 – 3 big goals and add 3-5 small goals to work on for the year.

For instants, a big goal can be to lose 100lbs over the course of the year. Then you have 3 smaller goals like visiting a certain place or spending more time with friends and family.

Small goals require less motivation, resources, and less ongoing planning. Big goals take more time, motivation, skills, knowledge and resources to accomplish. So focusing on fewer bigger goals is just practical.

Only ever focus on a maximum of 5 goals in total at a time.

If you’re taking a step back from always setting big goals you never meet. In year 1 set 5 small goals you know, you can meet. This will help build your goal setting and goal achieving muscles.

In year 2 you can create some big goals for yourself, knowing you can crush them.

Coaching tip: If you’re a high achiever, then instead of setting a yearly goal, you can alternatively set 3-5 small goals for the first 6 months. Build your goal-setting habits. Then set 1 big goal for the following 6 months. 

Crush Your Goals Stage #3: Create an Actionable Plan

Once you have your goals you need to create a plan.

Step 1: Break your goals down into manageable sizes.

  • Quarterly [90-days]
  • Monthly
  • Weekly
  • Daily

Create mini-goals that will get you to your big goal.

So, you will break your yearlong goals down into 90-day goals and your 90-day goals into 30-day goals, your 30-day goals into weekly goals and those into daily actions and steps to take.

Example: let’s take the 100lbs I talked about earlier.

  • You want to lose 100lbs over the next year.
  • With this goal, you can you can jump straight to the weekly goal first. Because you know if you lose 1.5lbs to 2lbs a week, you can meet your goal.
  • You will need to lose around 8lbs every month.
  • You can then create 90-day milestones based on the total you need to lose over 3 months.
  • On a weekly basis, your mini action goals could be to exercise 3x a week for 30mins, plan & prep healthy meals. You might join a diet club or find an online program.
  • On a daily basis, your tactics would be to track your calorie intake and exercise on your designated days.

You see by breaking it down into actionable steps and creating a plan, big goals are less scary and more achievable. They become part of your everyday life. You build habits that support your goals.

Crush Your Goals Stage #4: Developing the right mindset

Mindset is everything. You must develop the right mindset to achieve all your goals.

Mindset starts when choosing your goals. By picking the one that is right for you and not others you are starting to develop the mindset you need to achieve your goal.

The other half of mindset comes down to the goal you are trying to achieve. If you your goal is around your health you need to develop a stronger mindset towards what a healthy lifestyle is.

If you’re looking to set goals around your finances, then you need to develop a better wealth mindset.

So many goal setting books and courses focus on action planning technique and tracking, but very little on mindset. However, if you don’t focus on mindset, your effort in all the other areas will be for nothing.

Make building your mindset a priority when looking at achieving your goals.

Focus on what has stopped you from achieving this goal and what needs to change in order for you to finally reach it.

Start to read books on the subject and get coaching if you need to.

Crush Your Goals Stage #5: Tracking your success

You must track and monitor your progress.

It helps when you get low and feel like giving up, you can look at your progress and see how far you have come.

I’ve had moments when I’ve tracked everything and moments when I haven’t.

I regret the moments I haven’t because When I slip up it’s easier to get back on track when I can look back and see the steps I missed and how to get back on it.

It’s also nice to see how far you’ve come on paper or app. It’s a great motivator to take on bigger goals and new challenges.

I prefer paper, I used to create my own trackers and planners, but this year I’ve started using a productivity planner.

I use The Clever Fox Productivity Planner, but I also recommend the following;

Bestself Planners 

Passion Planner

Lux Productivity Planner


We all have the ability to create big goals and crush them, but we have to follow the right system.

The stages I outlined above, involves;

1 – Setting goals that light you up

2 – Focusing on fewer goals.

3 – Creating solid action plans

4 – Breaking through blocks and developing a strong mindset

5 – Tracking your progress

Go Crush Your Goals. And When You Win, Win Gracefully.

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