5 Networking Tips That Will Help Grow Your Online Business

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Networking is important for growing your business. However, if you’re an introvert like me, it’s probably something you dread.

However when starting a business, even if it’s online you still need to get out there to build your network and get known in your field.

I know how important relationships are to growing your business, so I decided to put some systems in place to help me build my network with ease.

These networking tips are designed to help you build your network, connect with your ideal clients and become a mini influencer even if you’re an introvert.

These tips can be used online and offline to connect and grow your community.

But because I know the value of relationships, not just for business, but for us as human beings, it’s something I’m focused on this year.

So below are my top 5 tips that I’m using to supercharge my network.

Networking Tips to Supercharge Your Network

Networking Tip 1: Put a System in Place

Everything that works has a good system in place including relationships. Ask a couple who’ve been married for 50 years. Ask them how they have stayed happy together for that long and I bet what they tell you to work out to be a pretty simple system.

Putting systems in place for your business contacts is even simpler than it is for your personal relationships. For instances when you meet someone at a networking event and they give you their business card.

Your system for managing this relationship can look something like this.

Start to put systems in place to manage your business relationships and see how quickly you start to benefit from your efforts.

Networking Tip 2: Give Value First

There is nothing worse than a person you takes, takes and takes some more giving nothing in return. Even worse is someone who meets you for the first time and expects something from you straight away.


Instead, be the person who gives value first and just lets the karma come back to her. So, when you meet someone new think of how you can help her, what can you give or do that will help them do more, be more or grow more in their business and career.

The easiest way to do this is to ask upfront what that person is struggling with right now in their business or career. You might be able to help them out or Introduce them to some who can help.

Here are some great conversation starters.

Networking Tip 3: Be a Connector

Being the connector is an extremely valuable asset in the relationship factor. Think of how many people you can be of value to just by being able to connect them to someone else. Connectors are sought after.

If you become known as the person who can either solve a problem or will definitely know someone who can solve that problem. People will recommend you just so you can recommend somebody else.

Instantly your network grows quickly as people start coming to you just to be connected to someone else.

To become a connector you need to cultivate your existing relationships and network outside your main industry. It’s always wise to know people who specialize in different things within different industries.

Put a list together so you always have someone on hand that you can recommend.

Networking Tip 4: Be Curious

Coaches are trained to be more curious, why? Because it helps you to listen fully and just ask questions based on what the person you are talking to has just said. Not on your own personal agenda you’ve cooked up before you entered the room.

Curiosity goes hand in hand with listening skills, cause so many of us just don’t listen fully. We have our own dialogue going on in our head about what to say next, how to say it.

We’re thinking, is the person I’m talking about looking at the spot on my face. Everything but what is really being said to you.

By being curious a normal networking conversation can turn into a deeper meaningful conversation that can lead to a coffee meeting or lucrative partnerships.

Networking Tip 5: Focus on What’s Important

Go beyond small talk and ask why they do what they do. Why’s always give you a clue to the person you are talking to. You learn about why their business is important to them, why they made certain career decisions.

And more importantly, it will normally go pass business and into the family.

Most people’s whys are rooted in family, in the community, in something they experienced or witnessed. Knowing the motivation will help you connect and create a foundation that you can build a strong business relationship on.

It’s all about connection, deeper more meaningful connection that takes you to pass the business persona to know the real person behind the business.

You get to understand them and their business, be of value and become a go-to in your industry.

Networking Tips Recap

Relationships are the lifeblood of your business.

People don’t just buy your product they buy you, so developing and cultivating your business relationships is important to growing your business and your position in your industry.

Focus on these 5 tips to help you become a master at networking;

  1. Put a system in place
  2. Give value first
  3. Be a connector
  4. Be Curious
  5. Focus on What’s Important

So, go out there and try a few of these tips and create strong relationships that will help you and your business progress quickly.

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