Goal Setting Tips to Instantly Boost Your Business & Life

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I know you want to set goals that will help you achieve amazing results in your life!

Setting goals that help you not to just move the needle on one thing but to change whole areas of your life.

Like building a business that gives you freedom.

Or creating financial independence and freedom for yourself and your family.

You want to set goals that matter to how you want to live your life and not about how other people want you to live your life.

The ultimate key to achieving big goals is to set goals that truly matter to you.

Setting Goals That Drive Your Soul

Unfortunately, too many people are stuck with goals that they think they should have because of their peers or family or the expectations of society in general.

So they end up with vague, meaningless goals, that reappear on their New Year’s resolution list year in and year out.

It’s time to put a stop to all that because I am going to give some goal setting tips that will help you set goals that are important to you.

Goals you really want to achieve. To create the life you want. Goals that will make you happy and make you into the person you need to be.

So let’s go!

Goal Setting Tips #1: Declutter Your Goals

First, you need to declutter your mind of all the goals flying around it.

You know all the should have done and would be nice to do type goals. All the goals that really come from you comparing yourself and your life to others.

This will help you get clear on the goals you have and why you want to achieve to achieve these goals.

  1. Write down all the goals you’ve chosen for yourself this year.
  2. Next, to each goal write down why you want this goal.
  3. Every goal that has to do with what you believe someone else expects of you, put a line through.


Getting a promotion at work because I have been with the company long enough so I should get it and my parents or family expect me to make progress at this age. [however what you really want is to change careers even if it means starting all over again.]

Goal Setting Tips #2: Own Your Goals

This step is about making your goals yours. Making them real to you. By stating them in the present tense you’re telling your brain that you have already achieved the goal.

You’re going to rewrite the goals you have in this format;

  • I am working as
  • I ran my own business
  • I weigh
  • I earn

Get it. Write your goals in the present tense, like you already have what you want in your life.

  1. Take all the goals you have left and bring the list down to 10 or less.
  2. Again Why do you want to achieve this goal
  3. How will you feel when you’ve achieved it?
  4. How will you feel if you don’t achieve this goal?
  5. Who do you need to be to achieve this goal?
  6. How does it feel to be that person?

Goal Setting Tips #3: Declare Your Goals

Declare your goals to yourself and to others. Take your most important goal, the one that would have the most profound effect on your life and let others know that this is the goal you’re working on.

It can be on Facebook, to a close friend or even better to a Life or Business Coach or Accountability Partner.

You want your goals to be your focus every day.

Life will get in the way, so if you don’t have your goals clear in your head you will lose sight of them.

Goal Setting Tip #4: Write Your Goals Out

For the next 30 days, you will write your goals down every day.

This will help you focus in on your goals, reminding you every day what you’re working on and towards.

You will also put your goals in plain sight so you can see them every day.

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