10 Social Media Marketing Tips for New Female Bosses

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Avoid Social Media Overwhelm and Confusion

You’ve started your business. Now you need customers. You need people to know you exist. And that’s what Social media can do for you.

More importantly, as a new business, you need 2 things, to find your people fast and to be able to do it for as little as possible.

Cause let’s face it, when you’re just starting out, funds are tight, so you need sources of free or cheap marketing.

That’s what Social Media does for you.

It puts you in front of the people who need your thing and it’s cheap and mostly free.

The problem is that there are so many platforms that it’s confusing where to start. That confusion quickly turns into overwhelm, when you try to be everywhere at once.

Overwhelm turns into giving up.

And I don’t want you to give up. Especially when you can beat the confusion and overwhelm by following a few key tips.

The Keys to Being Successful with Social Media Marketing

1: Don’t Try to Be Everywhere

Social media has been around long enough now that each platform has its own crowd. Every platform has its own demographic.

Facebook has more user over 35, where Instagram has more users under 35. Networks like Snapchat and Tumblr have more users under 25 and teenagers.

So, there is no need to be on every platform when you’re first starting out.

You need to practice laser focus on everything you do as a newbie and social media is where you start.

You need to find where your tribe hangs and be there, and only there for now.

When you’re more established and you’re crushing it on whatever platform you choose to start with you can then start expanding onto other platforms.

But when you’re just starting focus on one. 2 at the most. But when asked you should be able to tell anyone what your primary platform is and why.

If you need help to figure out which platform you should focus on, then use my step-by-step checklist.

2: Master One Platform at A Time

This goes hand in hand with tip 1. Become an expert on one platform and crush it there.

Take a look at Instagram Influencers.

What are they experts at?

Instagram. It’s in their job title.

They became Instagram Influencers because they focused on being the best at what they do on Instagram.

Learned what it took to make the platform work for them. Built their following. And focused all their energy on learning and building that platform.

Once they had mastered Instagram then they may have moved onto another platform, bringing their Instagram following with them.

That’s how you go from being nowhere to everywhere, you master one platform, grow it then move onto the next.

3: Don’t Hard Sell

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone onto an Instagram feed for a new business account and every picture is just a sales advert.

If every picture on your Instagram feed is just selling what you offer, no one will buy, no-one will follow you.

Social Media is not about the hard sell.

It’s about building a relationship with your customers, that make them want to buy what you offer and tell others about you.

So, focus on relationship building first, not selling.

4: Listen First

Whatever platform you choose, listen to what your potential customers are saying. What are they asking for, what are they talking about?

Listening is powerful. Through listening you will hear their needs and their wants. This will help you create content for your social media feeds, blog post, videos and products you sell.

You can start listening by following others in your niche and see what comments they get on their feeds.

Join Facebook groups or LinkedIn groups to see what your ideal customers are asking for. What problem are they facing that you can solve?

By listening and answering their questions, you can naturally join the conversation already happening in your niche.

5: Share Value

As a business or brand on Social media, you need to focus on sharing value. The more valuable stuff you share that connects with your tribe, the more they will want to hear from you.

That means they will subscribe to your mailings and buy your stuff.

Always focus on sharing value first before you put your offer in front of them.

6: Learn the Platform Etiquette

Each platform has its own set of rules.

For instance, posting 10 or more pins a day on Pinterest is fine, but post more than 1-2 times a week on LinkedIn and you could be seen as a spammer.

One big NO on any platform is hijacking somebody else’s feed.

I’ve had people just blatantly advertise their stuff in the comments section on Instagram. Offering no value on what was posted, just I do this, go here buy my stuff (I deleted the comment immediately).

This is just unexpectable and you should never do that.

7: Don’t Focus on Vanity Metrics

Some numbers are more important than others.

For instance, the number of followers you have is not as important as engagement.

So which numbers are important when starting out?

The most important numbers to focus on when you’re just starting is click-through rate and conversion.

Click-through rate is the number of people clicking through to your website from a specific site (website traffic). You can get this number from Google Analytics.

Conversion Rate is the number of people who either signed up to your mailing list or bought something from you (sales). Again, this is a number that can be monitored in Google Analytics.

Most Platforms also give you a set of analytical data with your business account.

This data can be used to see the best days to post and the best time of day to post content. It can also tell you which content is performing best.

Useful data is the data you can use directly in your business to improve on what’s working and do less of what isn’t.

So, when you’re trying to gauge whether a piece of data you’re looking at is just a vanity metric, ask yourself could you use this data to improve on something in your business or does it help your bottom line – making more money.

8: Create a Plan

You must create a plan to meet the business goals you want to achieve. It’s pointless posting to social media if you have no idea what social media can do for you or what you want to achieve by using it.

So, look at your business goals.

If you have a goal to build your mailing list to 1000. How can social media help you do that? How can you use social media to meet that objective?

What types of content will you need to create or curate? When will you post? How much direct promo will you do compared to value-driven content?

Will, you partner with anyone or use any paid ads on the platform?

You can answer all these questions with your plan.

9: Always Have Clear CTA’s [Call to Action]

Having a call to action in your post essential to get your tribe to take action.

The CTA doesn’t and shouldn’t be “buy something” with every post. But getting your audience in the habit of taking further action once they read your social content means it’ll be more natural for them to take action when you ask them to buy something from you.

So, you can ask them to “Read More” or “Learn More” about something.

Then when you ask them to “Join Now”, “Sign Up” or “Buy Now” they’re more likely to take action.

10: Be Consistent

Consistency is the key to success in business as well as on social media. Look at any of the big names on any of the platforms and you’ll notice one thing, they post consistently.

So, pick a schedule and stick to it. Whether it be 3 times a day every day or 1 time a day Monday through Friday. Create a schedule and stick to it.

Wrap Up

Social Media can be confusing and overwhelming when you just start using it for your business but use the tips above and you’ll soon be crushing it, seeing amazing results for your business.

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