5 Ways to Know it’s Time For a Career Shift ...

5 Ways to Know it’s Time For a Career Shift

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Deciding that you need a change in career and career shift, can be scary, which is why around 80% of the worlds working population are completely disengaged with the work they do.

They get up and go to work to spend 8 hours hating what they do.

They fear change and they think it’s normal behavior to go to a job you don’t love. Complaining and making excuses is just the way it is.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Have you been dreading going to working, but scared of how to move on from what you currently do for a living?

I know because I’ve been there.

For me, there’s nothing worse than sitting at a desk and just counting the seconds till lunchtime and then the seconds to home time.

That feeling of I’ve been here too long and I’m wasting my time, is no way to live. You’ve got to know that there is more. You probably already have that feeling, of there’s got to be more to life than this.

Well there is!

Career Shift Warning Signs

It’s not always easy to recognise the signs that it’s time to change careers. But you also have to know that it’s not normal to feel unhappy or bored with your work.

You spend so much of your time working you better be doing work you love. If not it’s time for a career shift.

So, here are the 5 warning signs that it’s time to make a change that you need to listen to and take immediate action once you spot them in your life.

1. You Wake up Every Morning Dreading Going to Work

Now I’m not a morning person, so I don’t jump out of bed full of energy and joy. But I no longer get up with a feeling of dread in the pit of my stomach, knowing I’m going to spend the day doing things I don’t love around people I don’t like.

If you’re getting up every morning dreading the day ahead, then something needs to change.

You get an average of 25,000 mornings in your adult life, so what are you going to do with them. What are you going to do with your days?

You’re either living them or just waiting to die. Choose one. Remember death comes to us all, so live.

2. You go to The Toilet For a Reason Other Than Going to the Toilet

Ladies, I know I’m not the only one who has gone to the toilet, just to not have to deal with the people in my office.

Worst yet, who’s actually gone to the toilet to cry, because they hate the job so much. Not ashamed to put my hands up.

When you get to this point, it’s time to email that resignation letter you have sitting on your hard drive to your boss.

No job is worth your happiness, joy and sanity. Make a career shift and change your priority when you get to this point.

If you haven’t got a back up plan yet it’s time to get one quick. Start your business or look for another job that will be temporary while you set up your business.

3. You’ve Stopped Enjoying Your Work

This sign is harder to spot than the others. Why? Because you may be going through the motions and not even be thinking, do I still enjoy this.

Or you may have enjoyed one part of the work and put up with another part you didn’t enjoy, only to come to realize you don’t enjoy any of it anymore.

This is why it’s important to assess what you do and how you do it on a regular basis. As part of the assessment, journal about your work. Particularly around if you actually enjoy, doing the work anymore.

The action you take when this sign comes up can be less drastic than the others. So, it may be that you can delegate or outsource the tasks you don’t enjoy.

You could find different ways to use your skills or learn new skills to make a career shift to something you’ll enjoy more.

So, you may start a new business at home or start freelancing in a new area. It could just be that doing this will give you the challenge you need, so you can enjoy your work again.

4. You Feel Overworked and Stressed all The Time

Some people thrive in this situation, but it’s a surefire way to BURNOUT. When you hit burnout you’re no good to anybody.

So, ask yourself, Is any job worth your health and wellbeing?

Find work that fits into the lifestyle you want, where you can take care of yourself as a priority and take care of others second. You know, put your on oxygen mask on first.

Put Your Own Oxygen Mask Own First!

5. You Have The Feeling That You’re Meant For Something Else.

You know that feeling, the one deep inside that you’ve probably been silencing for years. The voice screaming at you from inside, telling you that you’re meant for great things.

That you have a message for the world, that the world needs to hear.

It’s time to listen to it. You know that you need to. All achievers and ambitious givers have this voice and it can only be silenced for so long.

Take a chance on yourself, trust the universe has your back.

Trust That The Universe Has Your Back.

What Next…

So now you know that one or more of these warning signs is showing up in your life. What do you do now? How do you move forward?

Step 1: Sit & Listen

This can be done through meditation. Sit and listen to what your inner voice is telling you. What path should you take? How should you change your career and your life? What do you want to do with your life? What do you want to do in the next 3 to 5 years? What do you want to have, do, and be in the next 5 years? Try to ask and answer these questions in your session.

Step 2: Write

Write it all down. How do you want to make your career shift? Why do you want to make your career shift? How does it fit into the life you want?

Step 3: Plan

Create a plan of action. What you will do to make your career shift. Will you start creating additional streams of income through side hustles so you can quit. Will you look into taking additional training to move into a new field? Then create a step-by-step action plan with goals and deadlines that you can begin to implement.

Step 4: Take Action & Implement

Take action on your plans. Keep going till you reach your goals. If you want to start your business then grab our Online Business Road Map by accessing the Build Your Business Vault.

If you’re looking to get started with any of these steps, check out the Build Your Business Vault – where you’ll find templates, worksheets and checklists that will help you get started!

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