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About Me

Hi, I'm Lorraine P.

The heart and soul behind Step Up Boss Up Society. 🚀

With over 10 years experience in corporate and expertise in digital marketing, my mission is to help women turn those entrepreneurial dreams into reality so you can start businesses that helps to support your life. Through the product, services and content I produce.

My goal? It’s all about giving a leg up to women, helping you get your online businesses off the ground and soaring, all while making sure you feel supported and empowered every step of the way.

It’s not just about starting a business; it’s about growing, evolving, and stepping into your power. 

About Step Up Boss Up Society​

Ready to break free and carve out your empire, lovely? 🌟 

Welcome to the Step Up Boss Up Society, where your entrepreneurial dreams aren’t just dreams, but the blueprint for your future. 

We’re here for the dreamers, the doers, and especially for you – the heart-centred, multi-passionate woman eager to carve out a business that’s as unique as you are.

🎯 Navigating the Entrepreneurial Maze 🎯

Feel like you're juggling a million things with no end in sight? 

Overwhelmed by the endless to-do list and the “what ifs” of leaving that corporate safety net? 

You’re not alone. 

From navigating the jump from a 9-5 to the freedom of entrepreneurship, to mastering the side hustle without burning out, I understand the thrill and the trepidation of stepping into your power. 

Here, we don’t just dream; we strategize, systematise, and revolutionise the way women do business.

🌈 Your Journey Begins Here 🌈

Ever felt torn between looking after your mental well-being and keeping the lights on?

I’ve been there, stuck in a job that dimmed my spark. It was a tough gig, sacrificing my identity for a paycheck.

It took me losing myself and two long years to rediscover my zest for life.

That’s why I built this sanctuary – so no woman has to choose between her peace of mind and her purse.

👩🏻‍🤝‍👩🏾 You're Not Alone 👩🏻‍🤝‍👩🏾

I know there are incredible women out there, just like you,

feeling trapped in the relentless grind, daydreaming of breaking free.

Talented, intelligent women who are ready to leap but don’t know where to start.

You’ve got the skills, the passion, and the drive.

What you need now is a community and a roadmap.

🚀 Take the Leap with Us 🚀

Are you ready to transform your life?

To step into your power and create a business that celebrates your uniqueness?

Let’s make it happen together. Your first step?

Connect with me, and let’s start this exhilarating journey.

Your future self will thank you.

Meet Lorraine P: Your Guide to Bossing Up 👋

  • Master Life Coach Extraordinaire: Certified in Business, Goal Setting, Life Purpose, and Confidence Coaching.
  • Corporate Vanguard with a Decade’s Edge: Excelled across Finance, Hospitality, Education, Tech Consulting, and more, perfecting the art of business systems and administration.
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit Since 2007: Kickstarted my digital empire in 2007 while navigating my Business Management degree, and have since created numerous online businesses from product based to coaching.
  • Digital Marketing Maestro: A certified authority in the digital realm, mastering everything from SEO to email marketing.
  • From Melodies to Market Strategies: Once a budding songwriter with notebooks filled with dreams, now those pages brim with cutting-edge courses and innovative business ideas.
  • Renaissance Soul: With a thirst for knowledge that knows no bounds, I delve deep into my passions, spanning business, marketing, music, and the captivating universe of film and TV.

🚀 Your journey to success starts with a dream, a notebook, and the right guide. Let’s make those dreams a reality, together. 🚀

Master Life Coach

Certified Business Coach

Master Mindset Coach

Our Mission:

To light the fire in every woman who dares to dream of more. We’re in the business of turning dreams into dynasties. 

Forget the status quo—this is about crafting your empire, on your terms, fueled by freedom, wealth, and bold self-expression. 

It’s not just starting a business; it’s launching a revolution. Your ambition is the spark; we’re here to fan the flames. 

Ready to build not just a business, but a legacy? 

Let’s blaze the trail together. Your empire awaits.

Our Vision:

To build a worldwide army of fearless unstoppable women who aren’t just dreaming of financial and creative freedom—they’re living it. 

Step Up Boss Up Society is the launchpad for those ready to ditch the 9-to-5 cage, embrace business on their terms, and thrive without the constant grind. 

We see a future where your business serves you: automated, flexible, and flush with multiple income streams. 

Here, success is measured in your ability to live life fully, on your own terms, with the freedom to choose how, when, and where you work. 

This is more than entrepreneurship; it’s a movement towards a life of abundance, choice, and autonomy. 

Join the revolution. Let’s redefine success together.

Our Purpose:

To turn ambition into freedom. 

Step Up Boss Up Society exists to empower women to craft their destinies, building empires that reflect their unique vision and values. 

We champion the bold journey from aspiration to reality, providing the compass for a life of wealth, autonomy, and self-expression. 

Here, your dream dictates your path—free from the constraints of the conventional, illuminated by innovation and support. 

Ready to lead, create, and thrive on your own terms? Let’s redefine success together.

Our Core Values:


“We believe in charting your own path to independence, so that you can escape the 9-to-5 grind and enjoy the lifestyle of your dreams.”


“We want you to harness your inner strength and resources, so that you can confidently launch and grow your own thriving online business.”


“We embrace cutting-edge solutions and creativity, so that you can streamline your business operations and unlock new levels of efficiency and profitability.”


“We believe in the power of collective wisdom and support, so that you can navigate the entrepreneurial journey with confidence, knowing you’re never alone.”


“We want you to lean into your unique story and vision, so that you can create a brand that stands out and attracts your ideal customers effortlessly.”

Step Up Boss Up Society is a Trading Name of Lucian Gem International Ltd. | Registered in England | Company Number: 12735223

Registered Office: 82a James Carter Road, Mildenhall, Suffolk, England, IP28 7DE

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