Tools & Resources I Recommend to Start Your Online Business

The Online Business Resources & Tools list is here to help you start your online business. 

You wouldn’t start a long journey to somewhere you’ve never been before without looking at a map and planning your journey.  So why would you try to start a business without one? 

So, first up download my Online Business Road Map. 

It’ll help you see where you are, where you need to go and the steps you need to take to start, build and grow your new online business.


If you go the WordPress route you’ll need a theme for your site. The below sites are my go-to’s for themes when I need something that looks good and easy to install, setup and customize.

Astra Theme


Creative Market


Mojo Marketplace



If you plan on having a WordPress site then getting hosting is essential. I’ve used siteground and in my first year with them, I had ZERO downtime on my site. So I would highly recommend. I now use WPX Hosting.

If you need help setting your hosting and WordPress up first check out this post.

WPX Hosting


Domain Name

Complete Selling Platforms

Selling Courses

Appointment Scheduling

Coaching & Consultation

Opt-in Forms

Landing Pages

Social Media Scheduling

Instagram & Pinterest

Email Marketing & CRM

Online Business Coach hmpg3

Project Management

File Management

Password Storage

*Please note that some of the links above are affiliate links, therefore I will get paid if you purchase via my link. 

Start Your Online Business Step-by-Step