3 Simple Reasons You Don’t Have To Be An Expert To Start A Business ...

3 Simple Reasons You Don’t Have To Be An Expert To Start A Business

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There’re a lot of discussions these days about being an expert. Sure, authority and experience foster trust, but they aren’t without flaws. Don’t cast out a specific niche or postpone teaching a subject because you’re not an expert in it just yet. 

I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to be an expert to start a business if you’re willing to put the work in and learn as you go.

There’s a lot to be said about connecting with your target audience before you feel fully ready. When you’re only a few steps ahead of them, it is much easier to achieve that special connection and create a great relationship.

Be 1 Chapter Ahead

When you’re a true expert who has spent years honing your skill, it’s difficult to recall what it was like when you first started out. Take, for example, the weight loss and fitness niche. 

If you’ve been a trim and fit personal trainer or athlete for a decade or two, you might forget how difficult it can be to go for that first short run or resist the desire to devour an entire chocolate cake.

You can sympathise if, on the other hand, you were out of shape and overweight just a year ago and are still working on fine-tuning your diet and exercise routine. You remember what it was like when you started out.

In fact, after years of not exercising, I went looking for beginner workouts on YouTube. I learnt that most beginner workouts aren’t really for absolute beginners, and are created by people who have zero understanding of people who have a few extra pounds and are no longer physically fit to do what they consider basic.

I eventually found someone that did understand and did workouts that can take me from absolute beginner to more advanced as I progress.

I now have an online trainer that I will keep going back to because I trust they truly understand the physical limitations someone like me has and gives me the workarounds so I can hit my goals no matter what.

Will I invest in her programs, Yes I already have and will again, because I trust her. There are a few thousand personal trainers on YouTube but only one I keep coming back to.

Here’s the deal. Your readers, subscribers, and customers do not require you to know everything. They only require you to be one step ahead of them. To be able to solve their problem in a way that shows them you understand them.

They rely on you to explain what they should do next on their path to the final objective. You do not need to have achieved that goal yet. All you need is a solid strategy and more experience than they have.

Share Your Journey

be an expert

All of this is to emphasise that you should not avoid topics simply because you do not consider yourself an expert in them. Sharing your own journey, on the other hand, has a lot of value. 

It’s fine if you’re part of your target audience. In fact, it’s beneficial since you understand their anguish and the difficulties they encounter. 

It can assist you in creating more honest material. IT assists you in locating the greatest solutions for someone in your circumstance.

You can develop services, digital products, coaching and training programmes that address critical concerns that your consumers experience. You can share the products and solutions that have aided you on your journey. 

While you continue on your own journey, you may make a difference and assist others in moving forward.

Don’t Need to Be an Expert

So, stop hiding behind the excuse “I’m not an expert.” You have something to offer that a true expert cannot. You can provide them with feedback and ideas depending on your current situation. 

You can discuss what works and does not work for you. Most importantly, as your target audience watches you work for the same goals and desires they have, you may be a source of inspiration and motivation.

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