41 Kickass Gifts For Bloggers and Side Hustlers

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With Christmas just around the corner, you need some inspiration for what to give the Blogger in your life. So, I’ve compiled a list of 46 amazing gift ideas you can give to the online entrepreneur or blogger in your life.

Practical Gifts for Bloggers

1. Blog Planner

Every Blogger needs to have a plan, and this is the perfect time of year for them to get their planning game on point to kick-ass and crush it in 2020. So why not help the blogger in your life by getting them a blog planner. This gift is perfect for newbies.

2. Life & Productivity Planners

This is the time of year to reflect and plan for the year ahead. There is no better way to do this but with a life or productivity planner. These little planners help you to set goals, keep track of your goals, build better habits and increase your productivity.

So why not give the gift of Productivity. This gift is perfect for the overworked blogger or side hustler trying to do everything in their business as well as maintaining life balance.

Erin Condren Lifeplanner

Help the entrepreneur in your life to increase their productivity and improve their time management with this Life Planner.


  • – Perfect for Planning Newbies & Experts Alike
  • – 3 Unique Layouts To Match Your Lifestyle
  • – Completely Customizable and Personalizable
  • – Filled with Designer Details, Inspiration & Extras!

The Self Planner

This 6 Month Planner will help entrepreneurs to plan their life and manage their time.

Business Planners

Just like planning your blog or planning your life, if you have an online entrepreneur or wantrepreneur in your life they will definitely need this. Planning your business when your starting is wise, but creating a business plan yearly is even smarter.

This gift will help the entrepreneur in your life plan their business and grow it in 2020.

Check out my collection of business and marketing planners.

3. Mugs

A mug is a perfect gift for anyone, not just bloggers. You can express how you feel about them or give them something that expresses their personality or one that motivates them to keep going when things get tough.

Super Cool Blogger Occupational Mug Killing it Blogger Mug image 0

4. Laptop Bag

Anybody that makes a living online knows there are 2 precious things in your business. Your laptop and your phone. So having something pretty to carry your laptop in is a must.

Leather Backpack Women Leather Backpack Large Backpack image 0

5. Camera

Make the vlogger in your life jump for cheer when you gift them a camera to create picture-perfect Youtube videos. Chances are they’ve already been telling you which camera they’ve got their eye on, dropping hints all over the place, but if not check out the link and find out which are the best cameras for bloggers and vloggers at every stage.

6. Mic

A mic is an essential piece of equipment in the online world, from creating an online course to producing a podcast a good mic is essential. The go-to mic for most bloggers, podcasters and online entrepreneurs is the blue.

7. Portable Battery

Nothing is worse than running low on battery. But for the savvy blogger, this is a complete nightmare that happens at the moment you want to take the perfect pic for Instagram. So make them love you forever by giving them the power of endless Instagram Pics.

8. Noise Cancelling Headphones

I hate having to hear mindless conversation when I’m trying to write the perfect blog post. I know I’m not on my own here. Having the perfect noise-cancelling headphones enables bloggers to focus on what’s important while blocking out the outside world. So get this for the Blogger or Entrepreneur who is easily distracted and loves listening to music while working.

9. Wireless Speakers

The perfect gift for someone who works from home but doesn’t like to work in absolute silence. Playing your favourite motivational tracks when creating content is the perfect way to work.

10. Blogosphere Mag Subscription

If based in the UK help your blogger bestie keep up to date with what’s happening in the blogging world with this go-to blogging magazine.

11. Stock Site Voucher/ membership

Bloggers and online content creators are always in need of stock photos so will be eternally grateful for a one-year subscription to any of these membership sites or vouchers to any paid stock sites.

12. New Laptop

A laptop is a blogger and online entrepreneur’s office, so a shiny new laptop with all the best specs to help them create and work faster is always going to be treasured.

13. Printer/Scanner

Having a printer and scanner on hand help to keep the cost down for online content creators and gives them the ability to check their printables before launching to the world.

14. Laptop Stand/Desk

Having somewhere comfortable to work is essential, so a laptop stand or desk is perfect for a blogger.

15. Accounting Software

Keeping finances on track an producing the right financial documents from the start is an essential but often overlooked aspect of starting a business online, so help a blogger out and gift accounting software to help them stay on the right side of the taxman.

A few of the best are:

  • Quickbooks
  • Xero
  • Freshbooks
  • Freeagent

16. Courses

Courses are perfect for bloggers and entrepreneurs at every stage of their journey. You can get blogging courses for new bloggers, marketing courses for Pinterest, Instagram or Facebook for both new and intermediate bloggers.

17. Tailwind Subscription

Pinterest is the quickest way for new bloggers to drive traffic to their site and tailwind is the best tool out there to automate and grow a Pinterest Account, so why not treat your friend or family member to a tailwinds subscription.

Gifts for Aspiring Bloggers

18. Kindle Unlimited Subscription

New bloggers and entrepreneurs have a lot to learn in order to start and build a successful online empire. So having access to an unlimited amount of books is perfect.

19. Blogging and Business Books

As mentioned above, new bloggers and entrepreneurs have a lot to learn so help them become their very best with either books or vouchers for amazon or any bookshop.

20. Blog Theme

Give the aspiring the blogger in your life the gift of a beautiful theme for their WordPress website.

21. Hosting

Hosting is essential to getting online so help the inspiring blogging in your life with their first year of hosting.

A few I recommend for newbies are:

  • Siteground
  • Hostgator
  • Bluehost

Gifts for Fashion Bloggers

22. Personalise Jewellery

What girl doesn’t love jewellery. Why give them their brand name in the form of jewellery.

23. Video Editing Software

Having great video editing software is important to every Pro Youtuber. So a perfect gift for anyone who wants to have a Pro Youtube Channel.

24. Personalized T-shirt

Why not get a t-shirt with something sassy or motivational on it. Better yet why not get their logo or brand name printed on a t-shirt. So them you believe in them and their dream.

25. Professional PhotoShoot

A professional photoshoot is perfect for not just fashion bloggers but all online entrepreneurs, as presenting their personal brand is essential.

Fashion Roxs – London

26. Photography Classes

Photography classes are perfect for any budding fashion bloggers.

27. Lighting Kit

Lighting kits are not just great for YouTubers but for any online creative entrepreneurs that make videos or take their own photos.

Gifts for Instagram Bloggers

28. Photo Filter Packs

Photo filter packs are perfect gifts for bloggers who love Instagram to help them make every picture beautiful. If you’ve ever seen one of those before and after pics and wonder how they do it. This is their secret.

29. Social Media Templates

Having social media templates makes it easy to create branded social media content. So this will help the online entrepreneurs in your life create social media content quickly.

30. Graphics / Photo Editors – Photoshop, PicMonkey, Canva

Creating graphics is an essential part of being a content creator so gift some graphic software to your bestie and make them happy bloggers.

Gifts for Food Bloggers

31. Coffee Shop Gift Vouchers

If you know your blogger friends love spending time in the local coffee shop then help the blogger in your life save some money with some coffee shop vouchers.

32. Chocolates

Chocolates, Chocolates, Chocolates! If you have anyone in your life who loves chocolate then give them something they would never give themselves, an expense box of chocolates.

33. For Coffee Lovers

For the Coffee lovers in your life give them something different, with this espresso martini.

34. Tea Lovers

Give the tea lovers in your life this or any tea gift set.

Fun Gifts For Bloggers

35. Meaningful Wall Art

Looking for a quick and easy gift, why not buy a printable piece of wall art and buy a frame. Just like that, you have a beautiful and meaningful gift.

36. Spa Weekend

The life of a blogger may look idyllic but self-care can often take a back seat, especially in the beginning. So a spa weekend is a perfect gift.

37. Candles

Candles are a beautifully simple gift for those who love the smell of pretty things.

38. Personalised Notebooks

A personalised notebook is a perfect place to keep notes and track moments of inspirations so is a perfect gift for creatives.

journal in dark blue colour scheme

39. Pyjamas

Why not get some personalised PJ’s for the work at home guru in your life.

40. Slippers

Who has time to build an online empire and clean the house? No-one! So help your Online Entrepreneur multitask with these slippers.

41. Stationary

Most bloggers love stationary. and I say love I mean they can get obsessed with it, I know I am. So put together your own gift basket full of stationary.

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