How to Stay Active & Increase Engagement on Social Media Without Burnout ...

How to Stay Active & Increase Engagement on Social Media Without Burnout

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Want to save time on your working day? Does your to-do list need 18 hours to complete rather than the 2 you have? 

The majority of people would respond “Heck yeah!” to questions like this since a solopreneur’s to-do list is never truly complete. Even while you can save some time by automating some chores, such as social media, you still need to engage with your followers.

Schedulers for social media, like HootSuite and Buffer, are practical and affordable. Simply log in, set the time for which each post should be published, and press the save button. Voila. Done.

Some tools, such as Meet Edgar, are more effective because they keep sharing your timeless social media posts in the future, saving you even more time from producing and scheduling. 

Who wouldn’t want to have more free time? However, do these platforms take the “social” out of social media?

Putting the Social Back Into Social Media

To that, I will respond, “Only if you permit it.” Utilizing schedulers is a fantastic thing, and a knowledgeable virtual assistant can handle this job for you.

 You must nevertheless be informed of activities in your social media universe. 

In the event that followers want your viewpoint, you must respond promptly. 

You need to be prompt in responding to clients’ particular inquiries regarding a product or course if you want to avoid having refund requests from dissatisfied customers.

Be active on social media as well, making connections with people there.

Although it’s amazing when members of your tribe find you, you should also make an effort to get in touch with your ideal client. Passive marketing (or hope marketing, as I’ve seen it called) gives your ideal audience an excessive amount of control.

Make them want to CHOOSE you instead of waiting and hoping that they will find you. Show them how you can assist in resolving their issues. 

You must maintain a personal online identity in order to accomplish this successfully; you cannot delegate control to a social media manager or outside scheduler.

Crush the Competition with My Social Media Bootcamp

You need to have a clear plan and solid strategy in place if you want to become a Social Media Darling, increase your audience, and broaden your reach. I designed my renowned Social Media Bootcamp class especially for driven individuals to establish their social media skills so they may rule their niche and demonstrate their mastery.

You will learn how to set up and optimise each social media platform so it works for you, how to plan your content a month in advance, and how to engage your followers so they will promote you. 

This 4-module home study course will help you analyse your target audience and determine how to attract them to your message. 

You can completely tailor this course to match your own business needs because each module has its own Action Plan and exercises. 

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