3 Social Media Myths Busted… ...

3 Social Media Myths Busted…

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Although social media is a powerful tool, it is frequently misunderstood. Social networking, in its most basic form, is a method to reconnect with old pals from your youth or college as well as a way to post brief snapshots of your daily life. 

In its more sophisticated form, social media is a special means to quickly sell your business and its products and services to everyone on the planet. 

There are three widespread misunderstandings about social media that business owners have that I intend to debunk right now. 

Even though it may take months or years to learn the nuances of social media and develop a business strategy you should not let these myths stop you from getting started or getting overwhelmed.

Social Media Myths to Debunk

Myth #1: You must use every single social media platform.

For business owners and trainers, increasing your reach is undoubtedly a goal because it results in more sales and private customers, which increases your income. 

Where is my ideal client, nevertheless, is the real query to ask before joining any platform. 

Using Facebook doesn’t guarantee that the more than 1 billion users will find you and start buying from you. 

Find out who your ideal customer is and where they hang out. You need to use those platforms.

Myth #2: Aim for every post to go viral.

It’s always exciting to see a post go viral because they are typically funny or thought-provoking, but could you tell us about the sponsors of the latest viral campaigns you’ve seen? Me, neither. 

Instead of going for shock or entertainment value, try to add some of your personality to your posts while still providing value. 

Your ideal client is eager to learn from you, so your insightful advice will be heard and retained long after the most recent trending video has vanished.

Myth #3: Having a large number of followers equals increased profits.

A huge number of social media followers is certainly a confidence booster, but do these people engage with you? Do people share or like your posts? Do they post comments? 

If not, then it’s likely that they won’t be your ideal client and won’t ever buy one of your packages. 

Examine your own posts; the harsh truth is that it’s possible that they are uninspiring and that’s why they’ve attracted no reactions. Improve your creativity when posting, and keep an eye out for reader feedback.

This brings up the necessity of narrowing down your target client again. You will only appeal to a small portion of the world’s population; you do not appeal to everyone. Pay attention to identifying that group, and the number of interested people as well as the earnings that will come.

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