40+ Online Business Ideas You Can Start Today

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Want to start an online business, but stuck for ideas?

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

This article will give over 40 ideas for businesses you can start at home today.

So, whether you just need to earn some extra income or plan to one day go full-time with your new business, I’m going to give you ideas that you can start while still working a full-time job.

All you’ll need is the right skills (which can be learned) and your laptop to get started.

40+ Online Business Ideas – Online Business Ideas - entrepreneur – Woman – Passive Income – Startups – Work From Home Jobs – online business ideas crafts – online business ideas products – online business ideas entrepreneur – Creative business – creative entrepreneur| Step Up Boss Up | www.lorrainepemmanuel.com

Small Business Ideas for Creative People

There are 7 types of Creative Online Entrepreneurs. Your first step to deciding which business idea you’ll run with is to decide which type of entrepreneur you are or want to be.

The 7 Types of Creative Entrepreneurs

#1: Coaches

They help others discover what they need to do to get the results they want in life and business. Providing the support and accountability others need to achieve results.

#2: Consultants

A consultant is an expert who will give advice, recommendations, and guidance on what you do, based on their expertise.

#3: Teachers/Educators

They show others how to do it themselves. Teaching specific skills and giving specific knowledge to enable others to solve their problems themselves. And develop skills to achieve the results they want.

#4: Technicians [Freelancers]

They are the doers. They take on and complete tasks others need help with. They have the skills and the knowledge to solve a problem or provide a solution.

#5: Artists/Creators

They make physical or digital products to sell to others.

#6: Curators

They find products to sell to others.

#7: Entertainers

They create engaging content that entertains and educates their audience. Using their platform to sell or promote, their or other people’s services and products.

Profitable Business Ideas for Every Type of Entrepreneur


Coaching and mentoring usually go together.

A mentor has been there and done that, so is showing how to do it based on their experience.

While a Coach, may have experience in the field they coach in but are not going to tell you what to do, they are there to ask the right questions, so you can come up with the answers for yourself.

They hold you accountable for your actions, making it harder for you to give up, by providing the support you need to progress faster than you would on your own.

Being a Coach

I suggest if you are going to be a coach, make getting trained a priority. And start practising ASAP.

The best way to learn is by doing. Especially when it comes to Coaching.

You can start Coaching in several different niches.

Here are 23 Coaching Niches you can start coaching in;

[one-half-first align=”left”]

#1: Life Coach

#2: Business Coach

#3: Mindset Coach

#4: Confidence Coach

#5: Money Mindset Coach

#6: Career Coach

#7: Leadership Coach

#8: Executive Coach

#9: Marketing Coach

#10: Sales Coach

#11: Marriage Coach

#12: Family Coach

[one-half align=”left”]

#13: Parent Coach

#14: Couples Coach

#15: Love Coach

#16: Transition Coach

#17: Fresh Start Coach

#18: Productivity Coach

#19: Wellness Coach

#20: Fitness & Diet Coach

#21: Spiritual Coach

#22: Writing Coach

#23: Communication Coach


Get started as a Coach or Mentor, with these resources;


If you have expertise in an area you can get up and running with your consultant business extremely easily.

Here are 12 Consultancy Business Ideas;

[one-half-first align=”left”]

#24: Digital Marketing

#25: Social Media Management

#26: Branding

#27: Reputation Management

#28: SEO

#29: Influencer Marketing

[one-half align=”left”]

#30: Marketing Strategy

#31: Content Marketing

#32: Accounting

#33: Tax

#34: Project Management

#35: Recruitment & HR Service


Use these resources to get your consultancy business started:


#36: Create Online Courses

Online courses are hot right now, but it’s just the beginning.

Traditional education is getting more expensive, but more disengaged from what is needed in the real world.

Meanwhile, people are looking to get the latest skills, in the quickest and most effective way possible. So, more and more people are looking online for the answer.

People want to get the information on how to achieve their goal from someone who has either done it before or is teaching them in a way they connect with.

And they want to learn when they have free time.

So, this leaves the door wide open to teaching the thing you are passionate and knowledgeable about. There are new people jumping online every day looking to learn the thing you want to teach.

Courses can be a mix of Video, Audio, Text and Worksheets.

Which means in terms of equipment you will need Camera [Your Phone will do], Lighting [use natural light the first time around], a good quality mic, video editing software, screen recording software and audio recording software.

You don’t need all this equipment at once, it all depends on what type of content you want to create for your course.

Your course could just be presentation style side you record onscreen, text and worksheets. You’d only need a screen recorder & mic for that.

Here are my recommends for tools;

Need help with this here are some great places to get information;

You can use the following ways to get your course online;

3RDParty Platforms

You can use Udemy or Skillshare to publish your course to a ready market. This is a great place to start if you want to build confidence, create a name for yourself or develop your style. It’s also a great way to test an idea before creating an in-depth program on your own platform.

Online Course Platforms

The best platforms to create your own online school are TeachableThinkific and Podia. These platforms are similar but my favourite is Podia.

You can start with one course and create a whole program of courses. All you have to do is come up with the content and market it. Then the platform will create a beautiful interface to deliver it to your audience.

#37: Online Tutor

Not quite ready to create a complete course but would like to teach a subject you love, well there are plenty of platforms where you can begin a tutoring service such as Savvy.is.

#38: Create a Membership site

You can create a standalone membership where you host it via a WordPress or Squarespace site.

Or you can create a membership site with the online course sites I mentioned earlier. If you’re already using a site like Podia to host your courses and digital downloads, then they make it very easy for you to bundle the content you have and create a membership site.

Here are some resources to help you get Started with a Membership Site:

#39: Virtual Conferences/summits

Technicians [Freelancers]

If you have a skill or there is a skill you can learn quickly, you can start to offer it as a service as a freelancer.

To start as a freelancer you can get started on Freelancing platforms like Fiverr or Upwork.

Services You Can Offer;

[one-half-first align=”left”]

#40: Writing

#41: Virtual Assistant

#42: Translation

#43: Transcription

#44: Editing

#45: Proofreading

#47: Email Management

#48: Online Research

[one-half align=”left”]

#49: Blog tech support

#50: Social Media Management

#51: Graphic Designer

#52: Copywriting

#53: CV/Resume Writing Business

#54: Translation Business

#55: General Writing Business


Resources to help you get started:


Artist and Creators produce content that others can use or consume. So, you can produce art, books, or apps.

Here are a few Ideas to get you started;

#56: Writing Kindle eBooks

#57: Creating a Niche Blog

#58: Create or Design a Product to Sell via Shopify or Etsy

#59: Sell Stock Photography

#60: Art Seller [Printables or Dropship] via Etsy or Shopify

#61: Create an App [App Designer]

#67: Create WordPress Plugins

#68: Create Shopify Apps

#69: Digital magazines

Resources to get started with Kindle:


Find products or services your target audience will love and sell it to them via your online shop.

#70: Affiliate Marketing

#71: Source Products to Sell via Amazon FBA

#72: Source Products via Dropshipping and Sell on Shopify


As well as the services you can offer mentioned below, if you’re a musician, singer, or actor. You can take those skills and create online courses, create a Kindle book series or offer online tutorials.

#73: Podcasting

#74: YouTube Vlogger

#75: Voice Over Artist


Step 1: Decide what type of creative entrepreneur you are.

Step 2: Pick 2-3 business ideas you like & do some quick research

Step 3: Download my Online Business Checklist

Step 4: Use the checklist & Business Start-up resource library to start your business.


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