13 Pinterest Courses For New Online Entrepreneurs ...

13 Pinterest Courses For New Online Entrepreneurs

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What does every online business need? Traffic that’s right! And Pinterest is a great way to get traffic to your business. However, to really make Pinterest work for you, you have to learn to use it. That’s where Pinterest courses come to play.

With the Right Pinterest course, you’ll learn everything you need to get started, increase your traffic, get leads onto your email list and make sales.

Pinterest is not a social media site it’s a Visual Search Engine. That means what you learn about SEO here you can implement with your Google strategy and your YouTube strategy. The three most important search engines you should be utilizing in your business.

FREE Pinterest Courses

When you’re brand new to Pinterest the best way to start is to jump on one of the free courses below to learn the basics of setting up your profile and start using the platform.

Pinterest Primer by Mom Makes Cents

This course will take you by the hand over 5 days to show you how to create an optimized profile, create viral pins, how to schedule pins, and avoid common mistakes.

Pinterest Power by Summer Tannhauser

This is a slightly older free course but some of the basic principles haven’t changed. I would suggest taking this course in conjunction with the one above.

How to Grow Your Traffic + List in 30 Days by Angie Gensler

This masterclass is a must but you have to have the basic first. So take the above 2 courses to set up your profile and take this course which will help you to start putting together a strategy to grow your email list.

Pin Practical Funneling by Monica Froese of Redefining Mom

Pin Practical Funneling is slightly more advanced and is a perfect way to build on the previous courses. Again it’s all about building a strategy to take the traffic you get from Pinterest and convert them. By this point, you should have seen the benefit of having Pinterest as part of your marketing mix that you’ll be ready to invest in really diving into learning how to make Pinterest really supercharge your business.

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Pinterest Courses For Beginners

Pin Practical Influence by Monica Froese of Redefining Mom

If you want to earn money on Pinterest as an affiliate then this is the course for you. In this course, you’ll learn 3 funnels to use to drive passive income through affiliate marketing.

The Pinterest Studio by Katie Grazer

This is a complete course. It takes you from the basics all the way to advanced strategies. So you learn how to set up your business profile, Pinterest SEO strategy, how to make sales, using a scheduler including tech tutorials, and 7 strategies to increase Traffic + sales.

Next Level Pin Designs by Nadalie Bardo of It’s All You Boo

This course is all about creating pins that get clicks and have a bigger chance of going viral. So if you know you need a little extra help with creating pins then this course is essential. It gives an in-depth tutorial on Canva plus 2 free templates.

You also get access to a free masterclass which will help you create a simple strategy just for your business. (This masterclass is one of the best free Pinterest masterclasses I’ve ever taken.)

Tailwinds Training By Anastasia

Tailwinds is the most used Pinterest Scheduler. This app will really help to optimise your time and implement whatever strategy you’re working on.

So it’s important if you’re using it you know how to use it properly and to your advantage. This is what this course will help you do.

Manual Pinning Organization In Trello by Beauty of Selah

If manual pinning is going to be any part of your strategy you need to get organised and this course will help you do that.

Pinteresting Strategies by Carly Campbell at Blogging Like You Mean It

This course is a comprehensive course on how Pinterest works and how to make it work for you with the advanced strategies in the course. This course is a must if you want to supercharge your growth.

Pinterest Courses eBooks

Pinterest courses ebooks are books that I treat like courses as they give actionable strategies that give you results.

Explosive Traffic With Tribes by The Chic Pursuit

Tailwind Tribes is a feature of Tailwinds app that can really help boost your traffic when used right. This book will give you some great strategies for growing your traffic fast.

Manual Pinning Simplified by Kyla Sims of Dish It Out Social

Do you want to try manual pinning but don’t know where to start or think it will be too complicated or take too much time, then you need to read this book.

It will help you implement a simple strategy to start pinning manually and getting results.

Pinterest Academy

I’d be remiss if I didn’t also mention that Pinterest has recently launched their own Academy. However, it’s really new so not very comprehensive as most of the above courses.

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