16 Blogging Courses For Beginners ...

16 Blogging Courses For Beginners

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You want to start a blog but have no clue how to start. Well, the best thing I ever did was to start taking blogging courses from those that had been there and done it before.

The sad thing is it took me about 5 years before I started investing and now it such a big regret that I didn’t invest in courses about blogging sooner.

So if you’re building a blog as your online business model, you have to invest in blogging courses to get started right, monetize quickly and start making a profit.

I’ve listed 16 blogging courses below to get you started all at different prices to suit different budgets. So all you need to do is choose 1 and get started.

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Blogging Courses For Getting Starting

1. Better Blogging Blueprint by She Got Vision

With this course, you get a system to go from idea to publishing, along with an editorial calendar, promo tracker as well as ideas for opt-ins.

2. How To Start A Blog Course [FREE] by HerPaperRoute

HerPaperRoute is one of my favourite go-to course providers for all things blogging. My second favourite is just below. You’ll know my favourite go-to peeps because you’ll notice I don’t just list one of their courses but several.

This free course is great for getting you started from choosing a niche to monetizing your blog.

3. Blog By Numbers by Suzi Whitford at Start a Mom Blog

Suzi’s courses are clear concise and step-by-step. Her “by numbers” system makes it easy to follow along and be clear on how you will implement even if you have a busy life.

This is why she on my favourites list. And again you’ll notice I have several of her courses listed her.

This course is a complete in-depth and comprehensive system to get you running a profitable blogging business.

4. The Blog Plan [FREE] by Suzi Whitford at Start a Mom Blog

The blog plan will help you plan your first 12 months of blogging so you can grow your blogging business and make a profit. This is concise and clear in the usual “by Numbers” style.

5. Post By Number by Suzi Whitford at Start a Mom Blog

You’ll need to know how to write a blog post quickly. It’s an essential skill you just have to learn. Content can make or break your blog so knowing how to create traffic-driving posts quickly is important.

Not only do you learn Suzi’s technique for writing a blog post quickly, but it’s also a tutorial on how to guest post on her blog.

6. How to Organise Your Blog Content By Elizabeth Harrin

Being organised when it comes to blogging and your online business is essential if you want to avoid overwhelm and the stressful search for a piece of content you know you’ve created but can’t find anywhere because you have no system.

This course will give you a system that you can them adapt to keep all your content organised. You’ll be thankful for taking the course a year to 2 years into your blogging journey when something you wrote a year ago and want to repurpose can be found in seconds.

7. The Blogging Blueprint by Tiffany Griffin

A simple and clear course for absolute beginners that will show you how to get started, including using Pinterest to grow your traffic.

8. Mom Blogging Mentor by Moms Make Cents

This course gives you everything from templates to branding tutorials and site customization tutorials.

9. Start a Blog The Right Way by Anna Sok

This course is the Ultimate Guide to Starting a Successful Blog in One Month or Less without being a tech wiz, an amazing writer or breaking the bank.

10. Become a Blog Boss by Blog Boss

This is the most expensive of the blogging courses on the list but is worth it. You get a ton of templates, checklists and in-depth tutorials. It even includes a complete contact list of PR firms, Influencer + blogging networks, Affiliate Networks, and Ad Networks plus email templates to send to individuals you want to contact.

Courses For Monetizing Your Blog

11. The Blog Monetization Course by HerPaperRoute

Get an easy to follow roadmap on how to monetize your blog. Including Marketing and branding your blog to increase traffic and increasing your income.

12. Affiliate Marketing For Bloggers by Blogging Like You Mean It

Get some of the best strategies on getting started with affiliate marketing and making money with your blog as an affiliate marketer.

13. Affiliate Marketing, Simplified by Cate Rosales

This course will give you everything you need to know about making money from your blog using affiliate marketing.

Courses For Getting Traffic

14. Free SEO Course By HerPaperRoute

SEO is one of the critical skills you have to learn as a blogger. There is no avoiding it. You don’t just need this skill for Google and other search engines, you also need it for Pinterest and YouTube as they are both search engines that usually get lump into the Social Media bundle.

A great place to start in learning SEO is with this quick and easy course that will give you the basics on how to get started.

15. Stupid Simple SEO by Mike Pearson

Hands down the best SEO course you will ever take. This is an in-depth but simple course that will guide you step by step on how to create an SEO strategy for your blog. This course is full of tips and tricks that pay off.

If you can’t afford it right now, this is a course you save up for because it’s an investment that will pay off. You’ll be going back, again and again, using different strategies to build on the ones you’ve already taken.

16. Boost Your Traffic by Frances Vidakovic

This is a simple yet comprehensive guide that will give you 50 strategies to boost traffic to your website.

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