15 Productivity Tools For Your Business ...

15 Productivity Tools For Your Business

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Are you looking for ways to increase productivity in your business? Well implementing some productivity tools in your business is the best way to do this.

One of the keys to growing a 6-figure business is to include systems that help you manage and grow your business as well as productivity tools that help you automate as many parts of that system as possible.

Why is Productivity Important in Business?

In business time is money. If you’re spending all day doing something that should take an hour and that thing isn’t helping to bring money into your business then that’s not good for business.

As a solopreneur, it’s even more important to increase your productivity in your business. As a one-woman band, you need to ensure you know how to prioritize and you’re spending your time doing the important money-making tasks that help grow your business and bring money in.

Productivity tools

The Benefits of Productivity

Creating increased productivity in your business will help you to not just get more done in your business but also make time for your own life.

It’s all too easy to overwork yourself when starting a business. Burnout is not what you signed up for when you started your business. Am I right?

Productivity to me is about owning your time and getting the most from yourself when you are doing any activity.

Who doesn’t want that?

How Can Business Improve Productivity?

The best way to improve productivity within your business is to start by implementing systems. You should have 3 main systems within your business.

  • Discovery Systems to build visibility and gain leads.
  • Sales Systems to make and support your sales.
  • Relationship Systems to build and maintain relationships with leads, current and old customers

You then need to have the right set of tools to support these systems in your business.

Productivity Tools 2020

Social Media Automation

Social media is a great way to increase visibility and gain leads. But it can also be the biggest drain on your time and resources.

That’s why it should be the first thing you automate and outsource in your business.

Using the following automation tools will help you to do just that.


Smarterqueue helps with scheduling, content curation and analytics.

What I love about Smarterqueue is that you can setup evergreen campaigns. This means you can promote your services and products, share your content and other people content to your tribe and never run out of content again.

I use Smarterqueue for Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. But you can also use it for Instagram and Pinterest. However, I use a couple of different tools for these as you’ll see below.


I use Planoly to automate my Instagram posts.

Why Planoly and not Smartequeue you ask. Well, I believe in using the right tools that support your strategy.

Planoly allows me to plan and automate both my grid and stories. I can then focus on engagement. You can also discover what others are posting in your niche and manage and reply to comments. Therefore increasing your engagement on the platform.

Tailwind App

There are many other tools on the market that you can use to automate Pinterest, however, none come close to the features you get from using Tailwinds.

They not only have a great scheduling feature but they also have Tribes which helps you grow your reach, curate relevant content and collaborate with others in your niche.

Client Bookings and Management

Automating your client booking and management is extremely important not just for your sanity but also to make your clients lives easier.

Nothing is worse than trying to book an appointment via email. There is no need for that when you have these scheduling tools below.

Booking and scheduling clients is first and the most basic need of any service-based business.

A good scheduling tool will do much more than just booking an appointment: It will fully automate your interactions with the client while making it feel more personal and attentive than you can realistically be in person.


This is very easy and intuitive to use. You can sign up instantly for a Solo account, which is free—no credit card required. The first thing you do is set your hours of availability, which allows any client to:

  • Instantly see which slots and days are available
  • Self-book an appointment at the optimum time for you both
  • Pay online
  • Reschedule with one click

AcuityScheduling walks you through a simple set up, where you simply assign your availability and designate whether or not these hours are regular or irregular.

In addition to selecting appointment types, you can also set up and personalize:

  • Appointment types
  • Intake form questions
  • Payment settings
  • Email settings
  • Integrations
productivity tools


This is a platform created specifically for coaches to manage their coaching practice with ease.

With this piece of software, you can enrol new clients in a quick and professional manner and never have to worry about collecting payments and managing bookings again.

With this platform you can;

  • Build your coaching program
  • Take online bookings and payments
  • Send pre-session questionnaires
  • Collect client reviews and testimonials


This business management platform is perfect for any type of service-based business, from Coaches to Marketing Agencies or VA’s.

You can use this platform to build relationships, schedule appointments and streamline your processes for your client projects.

You can do the following:

  • Create and send contracts, emails, forms and emails
  • Automate workflows to send emails and complete tasks
  • Create reports
  • Track your profit and loss
  • Schedule appointments
  • Create payment schedules

Client Calls & Communication

The most important part of any service-based business is the communication you have with your clients, so it’s important to have the right tools to get this aspect of your business right.


Skype can be as simple or as sophisticated a tool as you like. Its greatest advantage is that most of your clients will already be familiar with Skype, and may have their own Skype ID.

Skype allows both Video Calls and audio-only calls. You can do group video calls on mobile, tablet or computer as well as instant messaging.

You can even record your sessions with additional tools like Pamela for Skype. Which makes it one of the great productivity tools for coaches.


Zoom, rapidly becoming a favourite tool in the online coaching world. This video and web conferencing service allows cross-platform messaging, file sharing, and video, voice and screen sharing.

One of its biggest draws is its high-quality HD video. One of its drawbacks is that not all clients can make it work on their computers, so make sure you provide instructions for those who need to upgrade their browsers.

Features include:

  • Integrated scheduling with calendar and email software (including Acuity)
  • Recording
  • Screen share
  • Either one-on-one or larger group video conferencing
  • Audio calls


Loom is a great google extension that allows you to create videos to send to your clients.

So imagine instead of an email you send a short video message. Just this switch could not only make you stand out from the competition because the video is more personal, but you also say time, because typing takes longer.

With Loom you can:

  • Record Fast
  • Share Instantly
  • Edit Easily
  • Control Who Views the Video

Project & File Management


I switched from Trello to Clickup about 6 months ago and I love it. It’s extremely versatile as you can use it the best way it works for you.

If you prefer lists you can use it in this style, if you like the box style of Trello then it has a very similar view just with added features.

With Clickup you’ll be able to use:

  • To-do Lists
  • Project Management
  • Create Documents and Notes
  • Add, review and edit spreadsheets
  • Email + Chat with your team
  • Set reminders
  • Track Goals
  • Track your time


I love Clickup and it is my go-to but I understand that some people need something simpler with fewer features that get the job done, that’s where Trello comes in.

It has a simple system of boards, lists and cards to help you get organised and prioritize your workflow and projects. As well as collaborate with your team.


One of the simplest file sharing options (and it’s free—though there are paid versions) is still Dropbox, which stores and allows you to share files in the cloud.

If you’re brand new to Dropbox, the first time you sign in, you’ll be instantly offered a chance to upgrade to Dropbox Business. You’ll see at a glance the difference between free Dropbox and Business Dropbox.

Countless people find that 2 GB of space and simple file-sharing is all they need, but there are some powerful advantages to Dropbox Business—particularly if you think you’ll ever need remote file wipe, or you need a high degree of security (Password-protected and expiring shared links; advanced data protection; and 256-bit AES and SSL/TLS encryption).

Plus, you have priority email support, live chat and a whole host more features.

Program Content Management

Delivering digital products as part of your services is a great additional revenue stream and a way to scale your service-based business while getting your time back.

To do this you need a great platform that is able to deliver your products automatically.

So if and when you add eBooks, Courses, Training Workshops or Membership sites to your product suite then these tools will be essential to your business.


Podia is the quick and versatile platform to sell all your digital products on, from eBooks to membership sites. It’s less techie than other platforms which also means there is less customization. However when you’re just starting You want simply delivery of bells and whistles customization.

With Podia You Get:

  • A Storefront
  • Messaging + Live Chat Feature
  • Email Marketing
  • Create and Sell Membership Site, Digital Downloads and Online Course


Thinkific is slightly more techie and more pricey than Podia but more customizable than Podia is.

Although you can sell digital downloads from Thinkific it is more designed as a course platform. It has a ton more features for your courses and design of your pages and storefront.

The Coaches Console

Run your whole business from this one coaching platform. All your data and client information will be in one convenient place, where you can also organize your marketing, online scheduling, client management and online billing.

Does everything that scheduling tools do, including sending appointment reminders and notifications of changes to your appointment schedule, and synchronizing with Outlook, iCal, Google calendar and more. If you don’t have your own website, Coaches Console® even provides that; plus, you can create and use custom-branded email messages, broadcasts, autoresponders and newsletters.

These are some of the best productivity tools six-figure coaches commonly use and recommend. Take the time to check them out, and see which ones you think are most likely to save you time and make you money!

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