15 Self Improvement Tips For Women In Business ...

15 Self Improvement Tips For Women In Business

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Starting a business is the greatest self-improvement exercise anybody can go through, however, you should always be pushing and growing yourself to become the best version of yourself.

If you’re looking for some small changes you can make in your life in order to improve your life. I have you covered with these tips below.

Daily self improvement habits are things you should aim to have as part of your daily routine that will supercharge your life on a day to day basis.

Self improvement goals are the things you should set as goals to achieve over a period of time.

Daily Self Improvement Habits

1. Practice Gratitude

How many things do you have to be grateful for in your life?

I bet it’s more than you think. Gratitude is powerful and has the ability to transform your life.

It’s essential for your happiness, relationships, health, self-esteem and mental strength. It’s been scientifically proven. You should practice gratitude every day.

You can be grateful for both the good and bad things that happen in your life. We all face situations during our day that can be viewed as either good or bad.

For example, if you’re stuck in traffic, try viewing it as an opportunity to listen to your favourite podcast or to your favourite music instead of a waste of time going nowhere.  

So how can such a simple thing impact so many areas of your life?

2. Listen to Your Own Opinions 

You have a unique voice and unique opinions however when you spend a lot of time with other people, it can be difficult to sit back and just listen to your own opinions for a while.

We can often become too worried about what other people think – about us, about the world, and about everything in between. So start to just go with the flow. Starting to lose your own originality.

Spending time alone allows you to worry less about what other people are thinking, and instead concentrate more on your own valuable opinions. 

Reengage with your intuition and refresh your creativity.

3. Start Your Day With a Positive Affirmation

How you start the morning sets the tone for the rest of the day. Using affirmations to create a positive mindset can have a massive impact on your day.

Affirmations are also great if you’re working a particular mindset like money or health.

I like to write down my affirmation for the day in my journal every morning, just after I’ve used it in my short 5-10 minute meditation session. Writing it down has more effect than just verbalizing it to yourself. 

4. Read

You should aim to read every day to grow your mindset, develop new ideas and develop more positivity in your life. How much time should you dedicate to reading?

30 Minutes a day!

That’s all you need to progress your positive growth mindset.

What should you be reading? Books on positivity, happiness, mindset, self-improvement, autobiographies on people you look up to and books that help improve your health + wellness.

5. Perfect Your Self Care

“Without you, there is Nothing.”

If a plane is going down, you’re advised to put your mask on first before attempting to help anyone else. Well, that is what self-care is all about. Putting your mask on before you attempt to help anyone else put their mask on.

You want a life lived on the highest level, for that you have to be your best, physically, mentally and spiritually. Take care of each of these areas.

Have a self-care plan that includes taking time out on a regular basis just to pamper yourself. From spa days to the regular trip to the dentist, have these all planned out. Become a master of your own self-care, know what you need to do, so you can stay on top of your game, cause it’s different for everyone.

And remembers you can’t go a 100 miles an hour without a well-oiled engine. Take care of yourself, like you would an expense limited edition car.

Self Improvement Goals

6. Raise Your Standards

“Your Standards, Determine How Others Treat You.”

By raising your standards, you’re changing the game you are playing. You’ll attract bigger and better opportunities. Where ever you are right now, raise it by 10.

The standards you hold for yourself is the standards others will treat you by. So expect the best and others will treat you that way.

Look at every area of your life and write down what you expect from each area, how do you expect others to treat you. What do you stand for? What’s the reputation you are building? What will you not tolerate? Once you’ve made those decisions let everyone know what your standards are by being direct in your communication and also by how you treat yourself and behave.

7. Learn From Others

You should always be learning from others. Both from their failures and successes. You move forward faster if you’re not just learning from your mistakes and failures but from the mistakes and failures of others.

Have a role model for every area of your life. Whatever you want to achieve it’s likely someone has already achieved it. Go find them and learn from them. And remember your mentors don’t have to have it all together they can only be a few steps ahead of you.

8. Measure Success by your own Standards

“What you believe is all that matters.”

No-one else is walking in your shoes, so no-one else can tell you how to measure your success.

Determine for yourself what success looks like and feels like to you. Then based on that set some milestones, then reward yourself every time you reach one of those milestones.

This is your life and you should be designing it on your terms, therefore you should be putting in place the terms of measurement and success.

9. Set Boundaries and Value Your Time

We all have the same 24 hours in the day however the difference is how we all choose to spend that time. We should spend that time based on your values, however so many of us spend our time based on the values of others.

You have to learn to set clear boundaries around your time. Say no to things that are not in line with your values. It will leave you open to say yes to things that are in perfect alignment with your values and goals.

10. Set Passion-Led Goals

If you’re used to spending time with lots of other people you can easily lose sight of your individual goals and ambitions.

You might start creating goals that are more centred around other people’s values – for example, travelling with other people, building a home with somebody, starting a company with a business partner.

Take some time to understand that you can achieve great things yourself, and even if you need to partner with others, you can undertake a large portion of work yourself and meet smaller goals without relying on other people.

Your personal goals should be based on your values, dreams and passions.  

11. Progress Over Perfection

Done is Better than Perfect.”

Perfectionism is often an excuse for procrastination and not getting something finish. Trust me I know, I’ve been there. Perfectionist creates added pressure on themselves which often leads to stress and anxiety. Neither of which are part of the recipe for a perfect life.

When you try something new for the first time it is never going to be perfect, so if you are stuck in perfectionist mode you will either never start anything new and scary or never finish something that you’ve started because it isn’t turning out perfect.

So you want a more in-sync happier life then stop calling yourself a perfectionist and start getting things done.

12. Get to Know Yourself

Getting to know yourself isn’t just about getting to know your strengths and weaknesses. It’s about getting to know who you are on a deeper level. How you react in certain situations, what you are truly capable of. Your core values and what you need in your life from people and your environment to maintain a happy and healthy soul.

In order to do this, you’ll need to start doing things alone. Scary for some I know, but it’s the best way to truly get to know yourself.

Book a short trip away for one, even if it’s just a drive away or a train journey. Stay in a hotel or caravan on your own, and when the next blockbuster hit comes out, go watch it at the cinema alone.  

13. Upgrade Everything in Your Life

“You Deserve the best, so give it to yourself.”

This goes with the point above, when you raise your standards it is only sensible that that would apply to the things in your life too. So upgrade it all.

New Car, New clothes, new electronics, bigger & better house, a new man, new friends, new income streams, Upgrade it all.

Look at everything in your life and step up a level. You will feel amazing when you are living your life at a higher level.

14. Learn New Skills By Taking Up a Hobby

Learning new skills is the best way to learn your strengths and weaknesses. You can even turn a weakness into a strength.

Taking up hobbies is a great way to increase self-care by adding activities that relax the mind and body, giving it a break from the everyday grind.

Whether you enjoy going for walks, doing something creative or indulging in an embarrassing TV show that you wouldn’t dare to share with anyone else, do something you love. 

15. Never Give Up

The only way you’ll truly fail is when you give up. When you’re trying to get faster and better, when you’re working hard to reach your goals in life, giving up simply isn’t an option.

You can’t let yourself get beat.

Instead, you try again and again, learning from each failure and getting better at what you do along the way.  

If you’re looking to get started with any of these steps, check out the Build Your Business Vault – where you’ll find templates, worksheets and checklists that will help you get started!

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