How To Create a Vision Board For Beginners ...

How To Create a Vision Board For Beginners

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Lack of clarity is one of the main reasons people get and stay stuck.

You know that you want to leave your soul-crushing day job in favour of the independence of entrepreneurship, but you don’t know where to start.

You may want to explore the world, but you’re unsure of where to begin or how to make it happen.

You may want to build your business, but you have no idea what it involves.

The truth is that if you set unclear “goals” like this, you’ll still be in the same position after five or ten years.

However, you can accomplish any goal you can think of, and even some you haven’t even imagined, with a little bit of clarity. Furthermore, the initial step is to simply picture the outcome you want.

This is the purpose of a vision board. making a clear picture of the objectives you intend to achieve.

Your vision board will transform your dream into a tangible object that you can see every day until it comes true.

Why is a Vision Board Important For Solopreneurs?

At some point in your business, you’re going to feel stuck. Either you start to feel burned out, or you aren’t making progress toward your objectives and are stuck on an income plateau.

Successful small business entrepreneurs learn how to get over obstacles and feelings of overwhelm so they can keep expanding their business. Finding out precisely what is preventing you from moving forward is the first step.

Having a vision board will help you overcome many of these things in the first place.

Lack of Clarity

You’re lacking clarity when you’re unsure of what you really want from your business. 

Perhaps you’re unsure of the audience you’re supposed to reach or have trouble visualising your product funnel. 

Or perhaps you have trouble seeing your epic training programme in its entirety.

All of these signs of a lack of clarity can put a promising company out of business.

By taking a step back and conducting some brainstorming (or brain dumping) to get everything out in the open where you can see it if you’re having trouble getting your thoughts straight. 

You can determine your next step based only on this. And create a vision board around it so you remain clear and on task.

Lack of Focus

If your goals are clear but you’re having problems making continuous progress, a lack of focus may be the cause. 

Every morning you arrive at work with a plan, but by lunch, it’s obvious you haven’t achieved anything.

Neither are you a bad person nor a bad business owner. You simply find it difficult to concentrate on the action that must be taken to realise your dreams.

Having your vision board in front of you will keep you focused on your ultimate goal.

Bonus Tip – Do this: Think about the next physical step you should take to accomplish your end goal. So, if creating a 4-week ecourse is your goal, your next move might be to ask your email list what they need or want from you.

No Excitement

Bored? Have you lost interest in the business you once adored? I get it, I’ve been there more than once.

Unfortunately, solopreneurs frequently experience this. Which explains why so many of us hop from venture to venture, never devoting enough time to one project to see it through to completion.

Again something I’m very guilty of myself.

Having a dream that propels you forward despite the daily grind that every small business owner must endure is the first step in maintaining enthusiasm for your business. 

Running a business isn’t always enjoyable, but if you remember your “why,” it can help you get through the difficult times.

This is what a vision board can help you do every day.

How Vision Boards Work

A vision board is a planning tool that gives you a practical way to let your imagination run wild and daydream. 

You’ll be able to concentrate more clearly on the actions necessary to accomplish your major goals if you gather pictures that reflect them and keep them in view.

Additionally, vision boards may keep you motivated when you feel uninspired and help you remember why you’re working so hard when all you want to do is take a nap.

How to Make a Vision Board

Making a vision board is simple and enjoyable!

A vision board can be as straightforward as a few magazine clippings nailed to a corkboard or as elaborate as a framed poster with hand-lettered inspiration and quotes. The decision is yours.

You can design yours digitally using one of the numerous internet tools, Pinterest, Microsoft OneNote, or even paper and other art supplies.

Physical boards are frequently more motivating, even though digital boards are unquestionably more portable. A concrete vision board is more powerful because it involves all of your senses.

Start by gathering pictures that best capture your most important aspirations and dreams before creating your board. 

You can envision your goals by using images from a favourite family vacation, advertisements for an expensive outfit you want to buy, a promo poster for a Broadway performance you want to watch, or even a money amount that represents the balance you want in your bank account. 

Your new vision board should include them all.

Next, be sure to incorporate sayings and slogans that motivate you and help you overcome in the face of adversity. 

Sometimes all it takes to get you back on track after a hard patch is a few wise words from someone you like.

What You’ll Need to Create Your Vision Board?

If you decide to make a physical vision board instead of a digital one, you’ll need the following:

Books & Magazines

Most of us have a stack of magazines we keep meaning to throw away. You may now use them to create your vision board. 

Look through them and highlight images that inspire you, such as scenes from travel destinations, dream homes, or museums you wish to visit. Avoid being overly choosy or selective. 

Just cut out any images that appeal to you for the time being as you don’t have to utilise them all.

In actuality, the images you gather don’t even have to be photographed. Inspirational statements, gorgeous typography, and even eye-catching advertisements can all be used to create a vision board.

Coloured Pens & Markers

Allow your artistic side to shine by adding some hand lettering or doodling to your vision board. Your vision board can serve as a place to display favourite quotes, important dates, and even the names of people you adore.

Stickers, Ribbons & Art Supplies

If you have children, it’s likely that you have a tonne of craft materials on hand that would make wonderful additions to your board.

Stickers go beyond being wacky embellishments. Use them to highlight the board’s most crucial objects and the ones you want to focus on most urgently. 

Related ideas are connected by ribbons, and mementoes like ticket stubs or receipts can act as a reminder of the kind of life you desire to lead.

Above all things, keep in mind that your vision board is unique to you. Create a board that uplifts and encourages you each time you look at it, and it will have a magical effect on your life.

How Often Should You do a Vision Board?

Finally, keep in mind that your vision board is a living work of art.

Your hopes and objectives will alter. Some of them you’ll realise and cross off your list to make place for bigger and better goals.

You’ll decide some are no longer important and exchange them for others. What dreams you choose to pursue is entirely up to you; just make sure that you actually do take action toward them.

As things change you will want to change or update your vision board. This might be every 3 months, twice a year or once a year. This is really up to you.

What Should a Vision Board Include?

You can use your vision board for every area of your life. You can have one big vision board or create separate vision boards for your business and life.

Business Planning

You’ll record your motivations and methods on this vision board. Your “why” is the reason why you started your business. But many of us lose sight of this objective along the way.

We can stay on course by using a vision board for our business planning.

Images of your ideal business, such as working from the beach, speaking in front of a large audience, becoming a bestseller with your most recent book, or even a big expensive office if that’s your thing, will be kept on it.

Life Goals

In five, ten, or twenty years, where do you want to be? Anyone who wants to lead a meaningful life must take these factors into account, and a vision board is an ideal tool for doing so.

Like all of them, this vision board is constantly evolving. Your vision board will evolve and alter as your personal goals do. 

Maybe Paris is not where you want to live anymore. It’s alright. If you prefer, swap out the metropolis of lights for a tranquil highland getaway.

But make sure to update your life goals vision board and consult it every time you need to make a significant choice. It will make it clearer what steps you need to take to fulfil your life’s goals.

Vacation Planning

Going on a family vacation that will be unforgettable? Don’t let chance choose your route. Create a vision board with all the places you “must-see” to ensure you don’t miss anything.

Create a fun planning tool that the whole family can use, and even better, encourage your children and spouse to join you. 

You’ll make sure that everyone sees and does everything they had intended to see and do, and the kids will be enthusiastic about your trip. 

You can guarantee that everyone gets the epic trip of their dreams by making advance plans.

Home Buying

With a large portion of its content devoted to home decor, Pinterest has created an entire company around what amounts to a digital vision board. 

A vision board is a terrific way to organise your plans if you’re looking to buy a new house or are just remodelling the one you already have.

Take pictures of your favourite home designs, colour combinations you want to try, landscaping inspiration, and anything else that catches your eye. Your home-buying vision board will help you expedite your search by constantly reminding you of what you’re looking for.

Client Attracting

Every brand has an ideal client, but it may be very challenging to define this seemingly straightforward concept. A vision board can be useful.

Do you have a male or female client? Old or young? Success or failure? Does he or she own a home, a business, or children? Is she fearless or self-assured? Are they overweight or athletic?

When you are tempted (as we all are) to sign a client who is less than ideal, refer to your collection of pictures that represent your ideal client.

Are Vision Boards Effective?

Does everything feel a little fanciful to you? It’s not just you. Many of us were brought up to think that business had to be all about statistics and numbers and that there was no room for enjoyment in the pursuit of financial success.

I’m in total disagreement!

In fact, some of the world’s most successful people frequently utilise vision boards to help them define their aspirations and keep their objectives front of mind. 

And because of that reason, vision boards are so effective. They make it simple to understand what you’re aiming for, whether it’s a brand-new car, a spacious, lovely home, or an all-inclusive trip.

Having visual reminders nearby keeps your “why” top of mind, which is a strong motivation for any task you’re working on.

It goes without saying that no banker will take your vision board as evidence of your viability and grant you a loan based on it. 

But there’s no substitute for a unique, colourful vision board when it comes to defining your aspirations, identifying your true objectives, and reigniting your passion for your business. Test it out. You may even shock yourself!

Vision Board Examples

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